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About company

IMP Polowat based in Bielsko-Biała was established in 2000.

IMP Polowat is a part of Industrie Maurizio Peruzzo Group which consists of production facilities located in many countries.

These companies are concentrated in the production of fibers and non-woven polyester, as well as construction.

Achievements of many years of experience are a number of patented technologies and recognized brands, such as: VALTHERM, VELLOTEX, VALCOMFORT, VALFORT, VALSYSTEM, VALPROOF, VALTHREE, VALTECH massively used in the apparel industry, footwear, furniture-making, automotive, road and construction as insulation, upholstery, fill, filter materials, soundproofing and sleepers under the roofing felt and the highway.

For more information about the IMP group please visit www.peruzzoindustries.com.

IMP Polowat’s main field of business is processing PET bottles into PET flakes.

The launch of a PET bottles processing line, located in the Factory in Bielsko-Biała took place in April 2002. The line is one of the most technologically advanced lines of the type in the world. The line's processing capacity reaches up to 18,000 tons of PET bottles per annum.

The PET flakes, thanks to their high quality are largely exported to our customers working in the polyester fibre production industry. Our customers set high quality limits to the PET flakes, both in respect to their parameters stability and the pollution content measured in million fractions [ppm].

On March 2008 IMP Polowat’s Branch in Leczyca started production on second processing line, increasing all together recycling capacity up to 32,000 tones of PET bottles annually.

In 2012 IMP Polowat started production of crystallic food-contact rPET. Our EFSA certificate number is EFSA/CEF/REC/2499.

In 2014 IMP Polowat started production of PET straps.