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PET Straps

We offer PET straps which are result from the combination of advanced technology used line Tight Strap 200 of the highest quality raw material, which we are a manufacturer for many years.

PET strapping has a high breaking strength and are an alternative to steel bands. Polyester is a material that does not lose its properties under high temperatures, humidity and UV rays. It is characterized by a high flexibility causes that during transport, there is no relaxation of the load.

PET strap is used for strapping a variety of goods, such as: metal sheets, metallurgical products, baled fibers, bricks and concrete blocks, lumber, carton and paper, furniture, household goods and other products requiring securing for the time of storage or transport.

The strap can be manufactured with smooth or embossed finish.

Packing strap is produced in accordance with of PN-EN 13394: 2007 and BS EN ISO 1421: 2001.

For inquiries and orders please contact: Piotr Puzio +48882122214, p.puzio@polowat.pl