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Number of PET bottles processed by IMP Polowat
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Waste PET Bottles

Quality criteria for waste PET bottles for recycling:

Excluding caps and labels which belong to the bottle, cargo must contain at least 99% of PET bottles, acceptable weight percentage level of contaminants in delivery:

< 0.5 % other plastics products: (LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS), PET G, other PET forms, PET multi-layer,

< 0.1 %  PVC,

< 0.2 %  metals,

< 0.3 %  other contaminants: (paper, glass, wood, textiles, rubber, multi-material packaging, stone, sand, earth, food and drink remainders).

PET bottles cannot be degraded (clouded, bleached or yellowed). It cannot be dirtied with paint, lubricants or other substances insoluble in water. In such cases, the bottles will we treated as contaminants. Dirt on bottles must be washable with water.


Seller commits to packing for transport in pressed bales of pressing rate from 150 to 300 kg/m³.

Materials used for unit packaging (wire or other packing materials) are treated as contaminants if their mass exceeds 1% of bale mass.

Seller is to permanently (non-washable in water) mark and label at least every tenth bale.

Labelling is to include: company name, date of loading.

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